Zalazar UnZipped! At StarverenPå National Terrier Championship Show i England vandt Zalazar UnZipped! At Starveren sit 4.CC
På billedet ses dommer Dawn Inett med Uzi og BIR Larchlea Spirit In The Sky.
Foto: Alan Firth

Dommeren Dawn Inett om Uzi:

"I wrote in my notes “superb” and I think that just about sums him up.  Yes, he needs to be a little longer in the loin for perfection but other than this you are presented with the breed standard.  He has a wonderful head with correct ears and eye, lovely teeth and strong jaw, correct length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders, level topline which he holds on the move, correct rear movement with just enough drive. Lovely tail, set on correctly. A pleasure to award him the CC."

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