Dreamy on her way to Tokyo

Today Zalazar What Dreams Are Made Of (Dreamy) and I had an early start heading off to Sealand. First stop was the Food & Veterinary Administration to have the last stamps on her papers. Then we went on to the beach in Dragør near the airport to go for a lovely walk. Then we went to Trustforwarding to make all shipping papers ready. I got her crate with 4 times icecubes. Strapped her lead on the crate and kissed her goodbye 😢 I will follow her flight on my Flightradar SK983 until I go to bed and wait to hear if she has landed allright in Tokyo in about 10,5 hours

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Sleep well sweet Ginger

Cairn terrier Zalazar Ginger Spice❤︎ October 4,2002 - ✟ May 3, 2018 Zalazar Ginger Spice

This afternoon we had to say goodbye to our happy always smiling & tail wagging Ginger.
Ginger came into our life as a surprise as Jette Thestrup had bred Zalazar Secret Wish/Sille to ch Vanajam Bon Voyage. Sille had 2 puppies that was registered in our prefix as Zalazar Grand Cru & Zalazar Ginger Spice.
Ginger gave birth to 18 puppies in 4 litters and she is behind a lot of the winning cairns of today both here and abroad.
Sleep well sweet Ginger

Juniorcertifikat til Dreamy

Cairn terrier Zalazar What Dreams Are Made OfZalazar What Dreams Are Made Of (Dreamy) vandt i dag Juniorcertifikat på DTK udstillingen i Billund. Dommer var Sean Knight. Tak til Ellen Julsgaard for handling og foto.

Dreamy blev bedste hvalp

Cairn terrier Zalazar What Dreams Are Made OfSøndag d.11/2 var Zalazar What Dreams Are Made Of på DKK udstilling i Fredericia og hun blev bedste hvalp i racen under Knut Sigurd Wilberg, GB. Vi blev ikke til BIS pga besøg og det dårlige vejr.

BIR i Brno

Cairn Terrier Zalazar Quite Special

3-4. Feb. på de Internationale udstillinger i Brno, CZ
gjorde Zalazar Quite Special sig fint bemærket.

Søndag CAC, resCACIB 

Dommere Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, FIN & Ingrid Borchorst, DK

Stort tillykke til Lucka, som sendte dette foto .... "if you want to make picture of Ruby, you have to be very VERY fast"