Baltic Terrier Show 2015Super weekend at Baltic Terrier Show in Germany
Saturday judge Jurate Butkiene. First in the ring was ch Zalazar Van Damme who went best veteran og later on BIS 2 Veteran. Zalazar New Dawn won Junior class, best junior and in the main ring BIS 2 Junior. Last in the ring was jch Zalazar Mai Tai who won her class and ended up Best of Breed.

Sunday judge Luis Gorjão Henriques and once again ch Zalazar Van Damme went best veteran and later on BIS 1 Veteran! Zalazar New Dawn went 2.winner in Junior class. jch Zalazar Mai Tai won her class and was again Best of Breed and ended up quite amazing in the main ring as BIS 3.

Pictured from left Zalazar Van Damme, Zalazar Mai Tai & Zalazar New Dawn. Thanks to Berit Rosenfeldt the photo.