News 2011 from Zalazar Cairn Terrier

"Bagy" is visiting Denmark this summer, and will therefore be available for suitable bitches.
  Contact Mette for more details.

  ptch intch D By G Du Harpouy D'auzan
  (Glenmore's Yukon Gold - Zalazar La Bonne)
  Male, Born: 31.3.2008 
  Breeder: Sebastien Bats


FRCH Glenmore's Yukon Gold, Red, 22-05-04 DKCH SCH Tribuns Bertie Bott, Red, 24-01-02 SCH DKCH Tribuns Jovial, 24-02-99 NORDCH Tribuns Yellow Sovereign, 24-10-96
INTCH NORDCH Tribuns Oriflame, 12-11-94
SCH DKCH Tribuns Karin Lejonhjärta, Red, 13-05-99 NORDCH Tribuns Ralph Lauren, 05-12-96
Tribuns Mumintrollet, 17-04-94
KfT-JgdCH Glenmore's O'Mailley, Red, 17-01-99 NORDCH Tribuns Yellow Sovereign, 24-10-96 SCH NCH Tribuns Frank Zappa, 16-06-89
Tribuns Lili Marlene, 10-04-94
VDHCH KfTCH KfT-JgdCH EUROPA-Jgd-SG Strubbelpeter Hej Duva, 27-03-95 DCH VDHCH BDSSG Hjohoo's It's Hjo Babe, 09-01-94
Kiwelin Cinderella
FRCH INTCH Zalazar La Bonne, Wheaten, 06-02-04 DKCH NORDV00 Tofthus' Jefferson, Wheaten, 22-12-97 DKCH Tofthus' Edison, Red, 02-02-97 SCH DKCH Vanajam Bon Voyage, Wheaten, 18-03-95
DKCH Tofthus' Valentine, 05-08-95
Tofthus' Nocturne, 14-01-94 Tofthus' Zack, 14-01-96
Tofthus' Rozina, Red, 21-03-90
Zalazar Yummy-Yummy, wheaten, 01-09-00 DKCH Tam O'shanter's In The Nick Of Time, Red, 09-12-95 INTCH NORDCH WW-96 EUW-97 KBHV-96-97 Rasken's Red Ranger, Red, 04-10-94
Tam O'shanter's Chipper Lassie, Red, 04-03-88
Zalazar Special Edition, Red, 01-11-97 AMCH Fettercairn Joachim, Wheaten, 07-04-96
DKCH KLBCH Cairndy Kringle, wheaten, 10-08-91