News 2009 from Zalazar Cairn Terrier

1128vanilla.jpgHi, Mette!

On Saturday, 28.11, a cairn monobreed dogshow took place in Saint-Petersburg. Expert - M. Urosevic (Serbia). Zalazar Vanilla - best of breed (BOB)

Alekta Prima Valissa and Alekta Prima Biking, Zalazar Yahoo's children, got the SS certificate, Zalazar On The Road's daughter (Alekta Prima Dusheneya La Rose) became Best Junior of Breed.
Show's Best baby was Alekta Prima Genger Original Glory.
There were 18 cairn terriers at that show. That's a lot for Russia! There are a lot of photos from that show in the russian version of my website
Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for Vanilla.
My success greatly depends on you and your help.

Tanya, Saint-Petersburg