Dawny gave birth to 8 puppies

Zalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeZalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeThis night Dawny had her litter of eight puppies, unfortunately one was dead, so we have 4 boys and 3 girls. Mother and babies are doing fine and so is daddy Tom. I am going to sleep now zzzz.......

The puppies have left home

Zalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeBefore the puppies left home, we shot a photo of Zalazar Stella Polaris & Zalazar Stella Nova together with mom, Lida and dad, Tom


Stella is having fun with Holly before leaving home

Holly hyggede sig med Stella inden hun som den sidste rejste hjemmefra.

Opslået af Zalazar Cairn Terrier på 4. december 2015

Video of puppies in snow

Det var en smuk men kold morgen efter Søndagens snefald . Begge hvalpene syntes sne var SÅ fedt !

Opslået af Zalazar Cairn Terrier på 23. november 2015

Puppies with lots of noise

Der er rigtig gang i hvalpene her til morgen! Deres mor er flygtet op på en stol....

Opslået af Zalazar Cairn Terrier på 9. november 2015

Video of the puppies 3,5 weeks old


Så er Lida og Toms 2 dejlige tævehvalpe er nu 3,5 uger gl og nu begynder det at gå stærkt med deres udvikling. De spiser lidt RC opblødt hvalpe mad og er dygtige til at gå på bakken med træpiller når de skal både stort og småt. Dygtige hundepiger❤️

Posted by Zalazar Cairn Terrier on 18. oktober 2015

Zinne has left home

Cairn Terrier hvalpNow little Zinne left home. It is really hard to say goodbye to such a lovely little puppy. She has been kissed a lot since she was the only puppy in the litter, but we are sure the kissing will continue in her new family.

Zalazar Roberta Franzine

Cairn Terrier Zalazar Roberta FranzineCairn Terrier Zalazar Roberta FranzineThere is a lot going on now with little Zalazar Roberta Franzine. She has eaten some soaked puppy food, has started to play, has been outside on the lawn. After that it is nice with a nap.


Zalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeZalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeHolly had a c-section last night with one surviving bitch puppy. Both mum and puppy are well but the breeder is tired and sad.

New photos of Molly's puppy

Zalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpe

Molly's puppy thrives and is pretty precocious for an almost 4 weeks old puppy. She is starting to get a little food besides mom's super milk and she is really good at hitting the litter box.
The other dogs are beginning to be allowed Molly to be together with little Q and that is nice since she has no siblings.

Molly's little girl

Zalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeMolly's little girl is a week old today and now weighs 436 g. Her name has not yet been determined, but it will start with Q

Puppies born Feb.17, 2015

Zalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeZalazar Cairn Terrier hvalpeTuesday morning Molly, Zalazar Angelina Jolie, gave birth to 2 female puppies. Unfortunately 1 was stillborn. Mother and child are doing well. Father is dkch dkv13 dkkv14 Nordcairn's Indian Summer

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